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Our mission

We’re the simplest solution to help create positive change.

Integrity Line was introduced to ensure that both employees, employers and organisations are better protected from possible misconduct. It exists to facilitate the flow of information within organisations, while giving individuals guaranteed anonymity.

Our purpose

Provide the relief when murky behaviour occurs

Our ambition

To create cultural change within organisations.

Our promise

Guaranteed anonymity for those who use our service.

Our team

Our team

Integrity Line is part of the Honest Bunch Foundation charity governed by a board of trustees.

Graeme Hall


Megan McKenna

Board Member

Fraser Callaway

Board Member

Howard Broad

Board Member

Owen Loeffellechner

Board Member

Susan Schwalger

Board Member

Lorena Stephen

Board Member


Hadyn Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Lloyd Thomas

Operations Manager

Chloe Wright

Operations Lead

Alanah Heath

Media Support

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