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  • What are integrity lines or services?
    A complete overview of integrity New Zealand services available can be reviewed at:
  • What is the difference between a private integrity line and a public facing integrity line?
    A private integrity line should only allow staff to make calls, therefore the number should be only advertised within the organisation. Potential topics for callers include harassment, bullying, conflicts of interest, and more. A public-facing integrity line allows members of the public to call or make online submissions. Potential topics for callers may include regulatory breach, equipment misuse, environmental damage but will be organisation-dependent.
  • Does my organisation have to have both calls and online submissions?
    No, it is possible to have one or the other or both.
  • Why should my business consider having private integrity services at our work?
    Every business has HR systems that include a complaints procedure that is usually highlighted in employment contracts or policies. However, for many reasons a person may not wish to make a complaint or even choose to leave rather than deal with an issue that they may see as unsurmountable to address. An anonymous and independent reporting line allows those who do not wish to make a formal internal complaint to alert employers to issues of concern that might otherwise remain buried.
  • If I don’t officially complain why should my business be worried?
    Problems that you or your colleagues have with work need to be addressed whether anonymous or not. Otherwise there may be a groundswell of bad feelings within your organisation, bad or misinformed media coverage may affect your organisation’s reputation, and/or a personal grievance with your organisation may result, and there are seldom winners in that space. A well-run integrity line should give your organisation a chance to front-foot issues and address them in advance of a worst-case outcome and make your business a better place to work.
  • What does this cost my organisation?
    It's not expensive when compared with even the cost of just one personal grievance. Most are surprised at the annual cost that can be quoted as soon as we have a better understanding of the business parameters.
  • Do I have to be anonymous if I use the line?
    All our integrity lines are founded with the anonymous guarantee. However, if you are comfortable to do so (you will never be compelled) then you can disclose your identity.
  • What if I make a lot of fictitious claims in my report?
    The people that will process your report are versed in the principles of natural justice. Your report is an indicator only and will need to be supported by other information collected by the appropriate division of your organisation before real solutions can be applied.
  • Why should an organisation consider having a public-facing integrity line?
    Organisations that have overarching responsibility of adherence to industry, governmental or environmental regulations may use an integrity line to provide another channel for information from the public. Potential topics are likely to be quite specific.

Frequently Asked Questions

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