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Our Integrity Line reports and services have existed in New Zealand for many years as a charity in support of organisations with a focus on organisational support, prevention and detection of fraud, harassment, bullying and misconduct.

Why use Integrity Line?

Integrity Line is the simple solution to help create positive cultural change. It is also a platform that supports the vulnerable.


By using Integrity Line, you allow people to say what they see. You also allow your organisation to hear what is said, unfiltered.


Integrity Line recognises the need to support and drive your organisational values such as honesty, accountability, leadership, diversity, innovation, quality and teamwork.


Integrity Line is also a support platform to respond to the organisations changing environment and can be used to:

  • support individuals during Covid-19,

  • identify specific areas of employee exploitation,

  • review training needs, and

  • activate new thinking.

Integrity Line is a powerful operational tool and yours to label, script and own.

Get in touch with us now to see how we can work together.

For more information contact Hadyn Smith at 0221088928 or email

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