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Welcome to Haumaru - Parliamentary Service and Office of the Clerk’s Integrity Line

About Haumaru

  • There are many options for you to raise an issue at work as an employee. These include raising it with the person directly, raising it with your manager or another manager, talking with someone within Human Resources or your union. You can also seek support through EAP. Haumaru is an additional  way you can raise an issue or concern with your employer if you feel unable to resolve it yourself or through other processes.

  • You can choose to remain anonymous.  However, your agency may be limited in the support they can provide you and may not be able to take formal or direct action in response to  your complaint.

  • Please consider what outcome you are seeking and whether you wish to remain anonymous.

If you want to know more information about this service, such as how complaints are managed, please refer to your intranet.  You will need to copy and paste this url:


Protected Disclosures

A protected disclosure is a specific legal instrument that offers certain protections to those disclosing a valid example of serious wrongdoing.  If you wish to make a protected disclosure, you must make a written submission that identifies who you are in line with the joint Parliamentary Service/Office of the Clerk policy, rather than using this service.


Do you want to make a Protected Disclosure?

Yes, copy and paste this url: protected%20disclosures%20process%20-%20final.docx

Types of Wrongdoing and Explanations


The topics in this table appear as the drop-down list in the first question of the form.

Please read the topics and explanations so that you choose the appropriate topic  for your submission.

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