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Oranga Tamariki Integrity Line

If you have any need for support, please note that the Ministry has a confidential counselling and coaching service via its provider Benestar which can help you if you wish to seek some support.

Their phone number is 0800 360 364 and their website is


You can also find more information about them on the Ministry’s intranet page Employee Assistance Programme. You are also able to get support from your supervisor, team leader or manager where appropriate.

The topics in this table appear as the drop-down list in the first question of the form.

Please read the topics and explanations so that you choose the appropriate topic  for your submission.



In Oranga Tamariki fraud is defined as “Any practice where there is deliberate intent and involves deceit or dishonest means which causes actual or potential loss or gain to Oranga Tamariki and its service providers as a result of an employee’s or external parties’ association with Oranga Tamariki”.


Some fraudulent behaviour may also be criminal behaviour. However, it is not necessary for conduct to be criminal to be categorised as fraud. For example:

  • Receiving assistance from Oranga Tamariki where there is no entitlement or reduced entitlement

  • Theft of property, supplies or information

  • Misuse of fuel cards, taxi chits, taxi charge cards, petrol vouchers, credit cards, IEP cards, purchase orders, invoice payments

  • Releasing information without authorisation

  • Using a work car for private use

  • Forging documents

  • Substituting new goods with old

  • Making a false statement (oral or written)

  • Using assets for private gain

  • Inappropriate use of resources

  • Taking unrecorded leave

  • Falsifying or destroying records or reports

  • Bribery/accepting backhanders or substantial gifts, accounting irregularities, funding misappropriation or misallocation, personal expense fraud, document irregularities, procurement irregularities.

Fraud and Corrupt Practices

Drug or Alcohol

Drug use, drug selling, excessive alcohol consumption such that work performance is impaired.

Unsafe Work

Demands that are, or could be causing harm or safety issues, harassment or coercion, sexual harassment, racial harassment, bullying, discrimination, taking excessive risks.

Policy Breaches

Confidentiality breaches, privacy breaches, Code of Conduct breaches, drunken fights or abuse.

Systems Misuse

Computer systems misuse.

Conflicts of

When your personal or private interests could be favoured or perceived to be favoured over your public duties.

Criminal Activity

Any activity that could potentially result in a charge under the Crimes Act. For example -violence, sexual violence, a threat to life and/or well-being, blackmail, fraud/embezzlement.


Other dishonesty.

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